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  1. Scope of the project Online Blogging System
  3. It may help collecting perfect management in details In a very short time, the
  4. collection will be obvious, simple and sensible. It will help a person to know the
  5. management of passed year perfectly and vividly. It also helps in current all works
  6. relative to Online Blogging System. It will be also reduced the cost of collecting the
  7. management & collection procedure will go on smoothly:
  9. Our project aims at Business process automation. ie. we have tried to
  10. computerize vanous processes of Online Blogging System
  12. In computer system the person has to fill the various forms & number of copies of
  13. the forms can be easily generated at a time
  14. In computer System, it is not necessary to create the manifest but we can ictly
  15. pont which saves our time
  16. To assist the start in china often spent on respective won ang
  17. To rces in an efficient manner ty increasing the product ty through
  18. automation
  19. 11 1
  20. • The wytom games et

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