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  1. Reports of Online Blogging System:
  3. it generates the report on Blogs, Idea, Content
  4. Provide filter reports on Topic Entries View
  5. You can easily export PDF for the Blogs Content Entries
  6. Application also provides cat export for idea. Topic Vews
  7. You can also export the report into csv format for Blugs, Idea View
  9. Modules of Online Blogging System
  11. Blcgs Management Module Uned for managing the Blogs details.
  12. Views Module Used for managing the details of Views
  13. Content Module Used for managing the details of Content
  14. Idea Management Module Used for managing the information and des of the
  15. Idea
  16. Topic Mod used forming the Topic Details
  17. Entres Module Used to mang the Emines information
  18. Login Module Used for managing the login details
  19. Diners Module on le managing irie users of the system

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