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  1. Features of the project Online Blogging System
  3. Product and Component based
  4. Creating & Changing issues at ease
  5. Query Issue List to any depth
  6. Reporting Charting in more comprehensive way
  7. User Accounts to control the access and maintain security
  8. Simple Status & Resolutions
  9. Multi-level Priorities Severities
  10. Targets 8 Milestones for guiding the programmer
  11. Attachments 8 Additional Comments for more information
  12. Robust database back-end
  13. Vanous level of reports available with a lot of titer cenas
  14. Iticontain better storage capacity
  15. Accuracy in work
  16. Easy & fast.retrieval of information
  18. Well designed reports
  19. Decrease the low of the pesan involve in ng manat system
  20. Access of any information individually
  21. Work becomes a speedy

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