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  1. Software Requirement Specification
  3. The Software Requirements Specification is produced at the culmination of the
  4. analysis task. The function and performance allocated to software as part of system
  5. engineering are refined by establishing a complete information description, a detailed
  6. functional and behavioral deception, an indication of performance requirements and
  7. design constraints, appropriate validation criteria and other data pertinent to
  8. requirements
  10. The proposed system has the following requirements:
  12. System needs store information about new entry of Blogs
  13. System needs to help the internal staff to keep information of idea and find them
  15. as per various queries
  16. System need to maintain quantity record
  17. System.need to keep the record of Topic
  18. System need to update and delete the reCord
  19. System also needs a search area
  20. 1 also needs a security system to prevent data

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