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  1. Identification of need:
  3. The old manual system was suffering from a series of drawbacks Since whole of
  4. the system was to be maintained with hands the process of keeping maintaining and
  5. retrieving the information was very tedious and lengthy. The records were never used to
  6. be in a systematic order there used to be lots of difficulties in associating any particular
  7. transaction with a particular context. If any information was to be found it was required
  8. to go through the different registers documents there would never exist anything like
  9. report generation. There would always be unnecessary consumption of time while
  10. entering records and retrieving records One more problem was that it was very difficult
  11. to find errors while entering the records Once the records were onterat is very
  12. difficult to update these records
  14. The reason behind it is that there is lot of information to be maintained and have
  15. to be kept in mind while running the business For this reason we have provided
  16. features Present system is partially automated icomputerzod actually casting system
  17. is quite a bonds as one has to enter same information at the different places
  19. Following points should be well considered:
  21. Documento and ports must be pride by the way
  23. De few report wenn man die in domo

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