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  1. Feasibility Study
  3. After doing the project Online Blogging System study and analyzing all the
  4. existing or required functionalities of the system, the next task is to do the feasibility
  5. study for the project. All projects are feasible - given unlimited resources and infinite
  6. time.
  7. Feasibility study includes consideration of all the possible ways to provide a solution to
  8. the given problem. The proposed solution should satisfy all the user requirements and
  9. should be flexible enough so that future changes can be easily done based on the
  10. future upcoming requirements
  11. A. Economical Feasibility
  13. This is a very important aspect to be considered while developing a project. We
  14. decided the technology based on minimum possible.cost factor
  16. All hardware and software cost has to be borne by the organization
  17. Overall we have estimated that the benefits the organization is going to receive
  18. from the proposed system will surely overcome the tal costs and the later on
  19. running cost for system
  21. B. Technical Feasibility
  23. This chided the study of function performance and constants that may
  24. the buty to an acceptable m . the
  25. the abilty to achieve an accepted system For the asbury study we studied
  26. we that
  27. complete functionality to be provided in the east end system
  28. Hurmet Spectation SRS and checked everyone w pob

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