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  1. System Design of Online Blogging System
  3. In this phase, a logical system is built which fulfils the given requirements. Design
  4. phase of software development deals with transforming the client's requirements into a
  5. logically working system Normally, design is performed in the following in the following
  6. two steps
  8. 1. Primary Design Phase:
  10. In this phase. the system is designed at block level. The blocks are created on
  11. the basis of analysis done in the problem identification phase Different blocks
  12. are created for different functions emphasis is put on minimising the information
  13. flow between blocks This all coves which require more interaction a kept
  14. in and block
  15. 2. Secondary Design Phase
  16. In the secondary phase the detailed design of every block is performed
  18. The general tasks involved in the design PROCESS are the following
  20. 1. Design various blocks for overall system processes
  21. 2. Design mader compact and workable modules in oach Dibck
  22. 3 Design campus database structures
  23. 4. Specific details of program to achieve and functionality
  24. 5 Design the form of inputs, and outputs of me system
  26. Perform documentation of the design

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