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  1. User Interface Design
  3. User Interface Design is concerned with the dialogue between a user and the
  5. computer. It is concerned with everything from starting the system or logging into the
  6. system to the eventually presentation of desired inputs and outputs The overall flow of
  7. screens and messages is called a dialogue
  8. The following steps are various guidelines for User Interface Design:
  10. 1. The system user should always be aware of what to do next
  11. 2. The screen should be formatted so that various types of information instructions
  13. ng messages always appear in the same general display area
  15. 3. Messago, instructions or information should be displayed long enough to allow
  17. the system user to read them
  18. 4 Use display attributes sparingly
  19. 5. Default values for olds and answers to be entered by the user should be
  21. 5. Us Should not be aliwd without conchigan
  22. 7 The system user should never got an operating system

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