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  1. Preliminary Product Description:
  3. The first step in the system development life cycle is the preliminary investigation
  4. to determine the feasibility of the system. The purpose of the preliminary investigation is
  5. to evaluate project requests It is not a design study nor does it include the collection of
  6. details to describe the business system in all respect Rather, it is the collecting of
  7. information that helps committee members to evaluate the merits of the project request
  8. and make an informed judgment about the feasibility of the proposed project
  10. Analysts working on the preliminary investigation should accomplish the
  11. following objectives:
  13. Clanty and understand the project request
  14. Determine the size of the project
  15. Assess costs and benetits of alternativa oroaches
  16. Determine the technical and operational viability of alternative approaches
  17. Report the findings to management with cecomerdatons cutiring the
  19. acceptance or rejection of the proposal
  20. Benefit to Organization
  21. The organization we obviously be ae to gain y na
  22. Operating cost reduction in APOK Dette utilization of human resources and
  23. Dreat mange introming goodwill

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