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  1. Running Cost
  3. Besides, the initial cost the long term cost will include the running cost for the
  4. system including the AMC, stationary charges cost for human resources, cost for
  5. update/renewal of various related software
  7. Need for Training
  9. The users along with the administrator need to be trained at the time of
  10. implementation of the system for smooth running of the system. The client will provide
  11. the training site
  13. We talked to the management people who were managing a the financial issues
  14. of the center the start who were keeping the records in lots of registers and the
  15. reporting manager regarding their existing system, their requirements and ther
  16. expectations from the proposed system Then we did the system study the
  17. entire system based on their requirements and the additional features they wanted to
  18. incorporate in this system
  20. Relable, accurate and secure cata was also considered to be a complex task
  21. without this proposed system Because there was no such record for keeping track of all
  22. the activities which was done by the Online Blogging System on the daily basis
  24. The new system proposed and then developed by me will ease the task of
  26. helpful in making the cultura bort by the
  27. which will be them to their provider
  29. Thus
  31. will
  32. the task of Management to a great com as an
  34. scves o be pertormed are qum

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