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  1. Conclusion of the Project Online Blogging System
  3. Our project is only a humble venture to satisfy the needs to manage their project
  4. work Several user friendly coding have also adopted This package shall prove to be a
  5. powerful package in satisfying all the requirements of the school The objective of
  6. software planning is to provide a framework that enables the manger to make
  7. reasonable estimates made within a limited time frame at the beginning of the software
  8. project and should be updated regularly as the project progresses
  10. At the end. It is concluded that we have made effort on following points...
  12. A description of the background and context of the project and its relation to wik
  13. already done in the area
  14. Made statement of the aims and objectives of the project
  15. The description of Purpose Scope and applicability
  16. We define tHe problem on which we are working in the project
  17. We deac be the requirement Specifications of the system and the actions that
  19. can be done on these things
  20. We understand the problem domain and produce a model of tme system which
  21. describe story=trat en performed on the system
  22. Wended teatures and operations in a changementsyour
  24. n d purity verses related to system
  25. Finally the system is anent and testo cardinalometa

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