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  1. Limitation of Project on Online Blogging System
  3. Although I have put my best efforts to make the software flexible, easy to operate
  4. but limitations cannot be ruled out even by me. Though the software presents a broad
  5. range of options to its users some intricate options could not be covered into it partly
  6. because of logistic and partly due to lack of sophistication Paucity of time was also
  7. major constraint, thus it was not possible to make the software foolproof and dynamic
  8. Lack of time also compelled me to ignore some part such as stoning old result of the
  9. candidate etc
  11. Considerable efforts have made the software easy to operate even for the people
  13. not related to the field of computers but it is acknowledged that a layman may bnd it a
  14. bit problematic at the first instance The user is provided help at each step for his
  15. convenience working with the software
  16. List of limitations which is available in the Online Blogging System:
  18. Excel export has not been developed for Blogs, Idea due to some criticality
  20. The transactions are acted in oil-line mode, hence online data for Topic
  21. Entnes capture and modification possible
  23. reports of Blogs View Topic can be onlod dito batch

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