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Dumb bears
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  1. Panda’s mind was in a half-panic.In the mall?!? He never said no before, but it’s only made Grizz more daring. He had panda against the dressing room seat. There was barely room for the two of them in there
  2. Grizz coated Panda’s chubby neck with sloppy kisses and already had his paw down between Panda’s thighs searching for that tender spot under his tail.
  3. Panda gasped “Grizz..ahh”. Grizz found the spot and giggled at the reaction. He cooed back” Don’t worry Pan Pan. Big bro always makes you feel good, right?
  5. “Please..grizz-ahh! We have to be q-quiet” His plump body was shaking, part in exhaustion from trying not to make a clumsy bump against the stall, part in nerves and a lot in excitement.
  7. “Of course, babe. “
  8. He shifted back and let a gob of spit slip off his toungue down onto his hardened pud. Somehow he kept a goofy smile during this lewd gesture. Panda was red in his cheeks as they both looked at his pud. A haze of lust came up and he turned around but spoke first.”You have to...keep me quiet”. He gently grabbed Grizzly’s paw and brought it up to his pudgy snout, while sheepishly looking up to his brother for acknowledgement.
  10. “Aww, Pan pan, who wouldn’t want to hear you sing?”
  11. Panda didn’t bother with a verbal response. He suckled at two digits, and quickly the whole paw, and whimpered in heat. Grizzly’s toothy grin softened. “Alright, alright. Only cuz you look even cuter somehow.”
  13. He forced his cock in to the hilt and, forced his paw into Panda’s mouth. A muffled sqeal. Not too loud, he hoped. His other paw wrapped far as it could around Panda’s belly to keep his weight on the floor and not banging at the walls, and their thick furry bodies muffled the banging between them.
  15. Panda let go of his fear, confident that Grizz could keep his mouth full, he couldn’t make too much noise after all with only his snout to breathe through. It put him in a focused state he didn’t expect. Just focus on breathing and ride it out. His stout pud was a leaky rock, with fluid running down. Grizz nearly pulled Panda to sit fully on his groin as his hog pulsed it’s head, spurting his afternoon seed into his baby brother’s swollen rump.
  17. When he felt Panda’s orgasmic squirming subsite he pulled his paw out of his mouth, and Panda gasped as quietly as he could. Grizz weakly managed to keep Panda upright, now bringing him gently down to sit.
  18. “You ok, baby?”
  19. Panda whispered in his high tone. “Yeah...tired” He faintly smiled up at his brother.
  20. Grizz offered sheepishly, “I might’ve gotten carried away..”
  21. Panda rubbed the brown belly of the big loving bear beside him.
  22. “Its ok, me too.”

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