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  2. These few months have been monumental for me. God has continued to show me His abundance. I think I would be very ungrateful if I didn’t share a few words to you guys - not with the intent to brag, but to share. I am continuing to learn never to underestimate a ripple effect. If this little post can touch at least one of you, that’s really all that matters. I’ve been writing a bit of stuff and reflecting the past few days. Expect my thoughts and words to be a little scrambled, but here goes.
  4. I have spent time with many amazing wonderful souls from all walks of life. Different nationalities, backgrounds and personalities. I have had the honor to cross paths with some of the most genuine and kind souls my life has seen so far.
  6. All the partying aside, all the shopping aside, all the food aside, all the frivolous things aside. All that remains now is the relationships and bonds that have now been forever ingrained and established on Earth. I’ve learnt that it’s truly about people. Let’s be pillars for our friends, but let’s also allow our friends to be pillars for us. Let’s build each other up, let’s love more. Let’s always be kind. Our time on this planet is short, but the journey will be long. Let's touch so many lives as we journey through it. Let us not go through it alone. Let us have beautiful souls.
  8. Vegas has opened my eyes a little. I remember looking at these wealthy people, and thinking to myself - I don’t ever want to have all the riches in the world and nothing else. I’m sure life is way more than just jets and suites. I want to help people, I want to create change, I want to solve problems. If I’m on my deathbed and all I have are relationships built on my physical gifts to them, that would be so sad.
  10. As I was strolling down the rows of a casino in Vegas last night, I looked at all the men and women playing. Playing with odds on a blackjack table, a baccarat table, a slot machine. Against a system and game that doesn’t favor them. I questioned myself why do people enjoy this? Then I came to realize - they want a chance at something. They want a shot at greatness. Perhaps this is one of the few times in life where they take big bets.
  12. I continue to see and realize that while the physical world and space lies in front of your eyes, the real world is up there in your head. And that world is truly as big as you want it to be. Some people’s oceans are others pools. I challenge everyone to aspire to be greater, to dream bigger, and most importantly - to be fucking bold enough to realize it all. Touch much people along the way, change lives, make the world a better place. Your seemingly little drop into someone’s live could be their entire ocean they were just waiting on. Live life colossal, and have a heart of apostles.
  14. Sometimes I look at what the greats are doing, and I just want to drop everything and pursue life fully on my terms. To go make change and waves. To incubate a company and team of people just constantly brainstorming and trying to solve problems all around the world. People like Tony Robbins feeding more than a million meals to starving Americans, to Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson finding a way for us to commercialise space travel. What the fuck are most of us doing? We’re playing computer games all day and binging on netflix. Being a product of the environment. We all watch films and look at greats and stand in awe. But the minute we try and picture ourself starring in a film as the lead character, we suddenly can’t wrap our heads around it. Don’t we all realize we can be greats?
  16. I think everyone can change the world, but not everyone wants to. And that’s totally fine. I think everyone here just wants to be truly happy. If you’re happy sitting on a farm smoking cigarettes and feeding your animals all day, do that. If you’re happy playing video games all day, do that. Just please don’t do anything in this life that steals your happiness.
  18. Whether at 21 or at 45. We still got light years ahead of us. We all got time. Realize that and don’t feel shitty if you feel too young/old to do something. For at the end of the day, if there’s one thing worse than anything else, it is regret. No one sits on their deathbed wishing they done less.
  20. Whether it be reconciling with lost ones and the past, taking that step towards starting a business, learning a new skill, taking up a new sport/hobby/language, declining/accepting an offer, going for that dreaded checkup - Whatever it is. No matter how big or small it is, let’s not wait till circumstances push us to finally take action, when we are left with no choice.
  22. As soon as you fully and genuinely commit to wanting to achieve whatever it is in life, I believe the Universe/God/the Creator/ in Its infinite wisdom, will take you there.
  24. For everyone not in a happy place and seeking more out of life, please follow your heart and that voice. Ain’t no rainbow without a little rain. Channel this frustration to propel you to take some action.
  26. This life is about progress. The minute you stop taking steps, chances, you become like a dead flower - limiting your own beauty. If we can all at least begin to start a process today - the first step - that means we have decided we want more out of our current self. Please please let’s take that first step today - right now at this very moment. Decide. Write/type down some thoughts/ideas/messages/commitments down on a book, a phone, a computer. I implore everyone not to limit themselves on this Earth.
  28. If you need help getting started, I’ll be happy to guide you a little. I may not know a lot but I can definitely do my best to provide some form of something to you. I may put up this front on social media that is semi douche-baggy, but please don’t let that stop you from messaging/DMing/approaching me. I wish the best for every breathing being on this Earth. Let’s not compete, let’s not hate, let’s build each other up and love more.
  30. I know these are all big words and I’ve never expressed them like that on Instagram before, but fuck all the fancy photos, senseless captions, and mindless scrolling. If this post can at the very least make you go through today with a little more gratitude and expectation, that's all that matters. I have already received my returns. Anything is better than superficial likes on a social media post.
  32. The question really isn’t about whether our dreams are crazy or not. It’s whether it’s crazy enough or not. One life, let’s live it. This isn’t me speaking. This is the voice of possibilities speaking now. Take it. Let this be the beginning of new things.

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